Industrial Waste Management [1]

What is Industrial Waste Management?

Industrial waste management is the exact term assigned to the complete management process of industrially produced waste including the collection, transportation, disposal, recycling, and monitoring of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The contents managed are done so to reduce, and if possible, avoid the adverse impact they impose upon human health and the environment alike. To find out more about Industrial waste management services in [1] contact us now.

Why is Industrial Waste Management Important?

Waste collection and disposal play an extremely pivotal part in global cleanliness and sustainability drive, with the conservation of natural resources and the well-being of people’s an animal’s well-being similarly a key responsibility of governments and environmental agencies alike. To reduce the workload, the government and local councils have become increasingly reliant on privatised waste management companies such as ourselves to oversee the management of waste for commercial industrial organisations as a vehicle to reduce waste and emissions and even reverse the well-documented damage that has been done so far.

By prioritising your industrial waste management solutions, you can your company can contribute massively to the perseverance of global environmental health and the security of mankind. Call GED Environmental now to take care of your waste management solutions in [1] and surrounding areas.

The benefits of Industrial Waste Management

The majority of industrial processes naturally produce waste, much of which can be reused via the means of recycling. If you are a company producing industrial waste, then you should consider industrial recycling and the many benefits associated with it. Many primary benefits include:

Saving Money and Resources – Reducing waste production and Recycling your by-products can help in reducing disposal and material costs, as well as reducing your overall expenses.

Saving energy and environmental natural resources – By recycling, you and your company can contribute to the preservation of natural resources, which are diminishing at an increasing rate. Recycling also reduces greenhouse emissions, while reducing demand for energy-intensive industrial processes.

Increase your company Value – Not only will recycling cut costs and contribute to environmental sustainability, but it will also make your company stand out as a more valuable proposition to investors and the clients due to the high taxes associated with pollution and waste costs.

Further opportunities – Companies implementing sustainability programs can become eligible for certifications and programs which can lead to new further business opportunities and reduced costs.

If you require someone to take care of your industrial waste management needs in [1] and the surrounding areas, then get in touch with ourselves to see how we can help.

Waste Oil Collections [1]

At GED Environmental Services Ltd we offer high quality Waste Oil Recycling services. We can provide a one-off collection or arrange a regular collection of your waste or contaminated oil. Our waste oil collection team are professionally trained, qualified and well equipped to remove the waste oil from your property. We carry out all the processes regarding the extraction and transportation of the oil. Some examples of waste oil that we collect:

• Garage Oil
• Hydraulic Oil
• Transformer Oil
• Fuel Oil
• Lubricating Oil
• Diesel
• Kerosene

How Can We Help?

GED Environmental Services Ltd provides complete waste management solutions to all small and large businesses in the North of England. Keeping in line with our goal of minimising waste and the associated dangers to the environment, No job is too big or too small for us. We aim to provide our customers with the best and most comprehensive service possible, taking care of your waste collection, transportation, disposal and recycling. We will recycle anything that is possible, from garage waste including used engine oil and car batteries, while catering to your requirements.

Some examples of garage waste that we can collect for recycling:

Waste Engine Oil
• Used Oil Filters
• Used Rags & Absorbents
• Batteries
• Antifreeze
• Mixed Fuels
• Thinners
• Aerosols

Be sure to do your part in making the world a better place and give GED Environmental a call for all your waste management needs in [1] and the surrounding areas.

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