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Waste Oil Collection
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Waste Oil Collection

GED Environmental Services Ltd are a family run business conveniently located next to Heysham Port near Lancaster in the North West. We have been in the hazardous waste and waste oil collection industry since 1989 and cover the whole of the UK.

As specialists in hazardous waste oil collection, recycling and disposal you can be assured that we offer a legally compliant nationwide service and we will handle your hazardous waste professionally and correctly and with the highest standards of customer service.

What is waste oil?

Waste oil is oil that has never used due to it being contaminated, which means that it is made unsuitable for its original purpose as it now has impurities. Some examples of waste oil include: garage waste oil, industrial waste oil, oil spill and oil which has been contaminated due to leaking containers.

How waste oil collection help you?

If you are storing old, unused, or contaminated oils or fuel then after a period of time they will start to slowly degrade and corrode the containers which they are being stored in. This can then lead to damage to the containers, storage facilities or can cause large environmental problems due to the hazardous waste.

A regular waste oil collection agreement will save you money and also the hassle of worrying about storing the fuels and any problems which may be caused by the storage of waste oil. All collections carried out are completed in a professional and respectable manner and are fully compliant with all current legislations.

We can collect your waste oil from anywhere in the UK

Here at GED Environmental Services LTD we can provide you with either a single waste oil collection service or a contracted regular basis collection service of both waste oil and contaminated oil. We have a fleet of 7 tankers and all our drivers are highly skilled, experienced, and well prepared to remove any waste oil from your premises.

We collect many types of waste oil including: Garage Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Transformer Oil, Fuel Oil, Lubricating Oil and Diesel. We cover the whole of the UK and have full certifications for all types of collections. When collecting your waste oil, we provide you with all the paperwork needed making sure that you are fully compliant with the Environment Agency and all Hazardous Waste Regulations.

If you are uncertain on what process to take with your waste oil and hazardous waste or just have a query, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team members on 01772 702 970 or 07971 837 614.

 Alternatively you can send us an email to enquiries@gedenvironmental.co.uk and someone will get back to you.

Disposal and collection of hazardous oil waste in the UK

If you are unsure on what action to take with your hazardous waste, call us today and we will help you by collecting your waste oil.

Tel: 01772 702 970 or Mob: 07971 837 614