Need help with your waste oil? We will collect it.

Waste Oil Collection Lancashire

At GED we can work with your business no matter how big or small. Whether you’re looking for a single waste oil collection or your businesses produces a large amount of waste oil, wastewater or any other hazardous waste and would require regular collection or management.

Waste oil is classified as a hazardous waste, meaning it has to be transported by a certified business or person.

Certified Waste Oil Collections

Being a certified business requires us to ensure we adhere to the guidelines of the government with regards to the transportation of hazardous waste, monitor the transportation and movement procedures to ensure maximum safety for all parties and correctly marking & labelling the hazardous waste. It also requires us to have a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) who is responsible for organising the safe transport and management of hazardous waste such as waste oil, wastewater etc.

Labelling Hazardous waste is essential and a legal requirement. One key reasoning for labelling hazardous waste with the correct information is to ensure increased safety if a vehicle transporting hazardous waste was ever involved in an accident.

Without the correct labelling, emergency services wouldn’t know what chemical they are dealing with, making it hard for them to make professional, informed safety decisions on how to best act to protect anyone within the vicinity. The labels allow the emergency services to know which chemical is involved and undertake the correct procedures and safety measure to reduce the risk and danger to personnel and the environment.

Waste oil that we collect

Garage Oil

Hydraulic Oil

Transformer Oil

Fuel Oil

Lubricating Oil

Diesel Collection

With full UK coverage GED Environmental Services LTD are fully certified for waste oil collection and have the means to recycle and treat the waste oil efficiently with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. We have a fleet of 7 tankers with professionally trained and qualified drivers. Once we have arranged the collection for your oil you can relax, confident that your oil will be transported, and quality tested to the highest standards. We also provide you with the Hazardous waste paperwork ensuring you are fully compliant with the Environment Agency and all Hazardous Waste Regulations.

If you are unsure on what action to take with your hazardous waste or waste oil call us today on:

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